Completed Testing course, We need candidates who are good in
manual testing, Good knowledge of SQL statements is much needed
* Role: Software testing, Helping his code be implemented to the clients, if any.
Client queries to understand & resolve till the end.
* Must be Quick learners, dedication to Problem solving, Flexible.
* Must be well versed in English and Kannada. Other languages are an added
advantage (We have a bigger portion of our client base in Karnataka). It helps
a lot when a candidate can speak to clients in their language on occasions as
few clients would expect so.
* Project level training, product management and role execution training will be
provided by the company after the induction period. The company would invest
heavily in training the candidates further.
Long term stay is an essential element as the company offers a good deal
of job level training in various domains.
* 2 year minimum stay is needed & academic submission is needed.

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