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  • Salary: Rs.As per industry
  • Exp: 15+ years
  • Position: Technical Project Manager
  • Qualification: Any IT Graduation
  • Industry: IT


Technical Project Manager
Any IT Graduation
Number of posts
Female /male
Previous Work Experience
15+ years
As per industry
Roles & Responsibility
1. Project Preparation

a. To provide cost estimates and proposals, both to existing client briefs, as

well as working with the new business team on new clients.

b. To scope projects in liaison with the client services team and relevant

internal experts.

c. To run risk assessments and manage risk logs, as well as ensuring test

and quality assurance protocols are included in the project plans.


2. Project Onboarding

a. To work with the Community Product Manager in the onboarding phase

of new clients and ensure effective working processes and

communication expectations are established, as well as leading internal

kick-off meetings before the start of a project.


3. Project Execution

a. To brief the teams on projects or requirements, which includes creation

of new project mandates, and set up of relevant asset folders, drives,

channels and project boards.

b. To create timelines, project roadmaps and plans, in order to ensure the

team is aware of tasks and delivery dates in order to manage client


c. To monitor budget and burn down rates and proactively raise concerns

to the client product manager and senior management.

d. To identify scope creep to ensure projects are on track, as well as judging

commercial viability and actionable next steps.


4. Project Delivery

a. To work with team members to ensure delivery of projects that are on

time, within budget and to the expected quality standard.


b. To lead on fortnightly sprint planning sessions with clients and senior

team members to agree on the prioritisation and time estimates of tasks.

c. To run daily or weekly scrums based on requirements to ensure projects

are on track and blockers are proactively raised.


5. Client Communication

a. To work closely with the Community Product Manager in creating

reporting to share with clients.

6. Foresight and Team Management

a. To plan resources in order to provide workload capacity projections to

senior management, and ensure respective actions are taken regarding

additional resource requirements.

b. To work closely with team members to understand their strengths,

weaknesses and key areas of growth to then feed into work allocation.

c. To represent the team’s needs and requirements to the client to ensure

timelines and quality delivery are practically achievable.


Other Responsibilities

1. To run basic client reports on platforms such as Google Analytics and Data


2. Work with the Technical Director and Head of Engineering on process.

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