Best IT Staffing Companies in New Zealand

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Best IT Staffing Companies in New Zealand – The hiring of skilled and talented candidates can be a tedious process, especially for small-scale businesses. However, outsourcing the staffing process takes the burden off your shoulders and simplifies the hiring process. The IT staffing companies hand-pick candidates after multiple filtering processes, ensuring that only compatible candidates are selected. The candidates are made to go through rigorous screening, of the job description and employment criteria shared by the client. IT staffing firms are well-versed in sourcing and screening qualified candidates from the best and most popular online job portals. Over time staffing agencies accumulate a vast database of eligible candidates across a myriad of industries and job roles.

The option of collaborating with an IT staffing agency is economically feasible for small and medium scaled companies. This way companies save tons of money and time compared to recruiting through an in-house recruiter. One such IT staffing company is; Team plus Staffing Solution having a reputable name among staffing agencies. The company offers desirable client policy and caters to all their requirements, assuring compatible candidates for their job roles. To enquire further about their work policy, you can contact them at +91 80 8760 6363 or drop an email for the records at

Top IT recruitment agencies in New Zealand

If you are looking for Best IT Staffing Companies in New Zealand, we have jotted down the list of leading IT staffing companies based in New Zealand. Browse through the list to find a suitable IT staffing agency for your company.

 List of Best Staffing Agencies in New Zealand

The companies given in the list are short-listed after analyzing their experience, candidate database, and long-term relationships with clientele. Each company is renowned and well-known for its staffing services. Surf through the list and pick the one that matches your company’s requirements. All the staffing agencies are deservingly the  Best IT Staffing Companies in New Zealand.

Team Plus Staffing Solution-( IT Staffing company in New Zealand):

Top recruitment agencies in New Zealand

Team Plus Staffing Solution Pvt. Ltd is a trusted name and a preferable choice in the crowd of IT staffing agencies. They are devoted to helping their clients get a pool of talented and skilled candidates for their required job roles. The staffing company offers a range of staffing assistance like Contract Staffing Services, Permanent Staffing Services, Remote/ Virtual IT Staffing Services, Offshore Staffing Services, RPO Services as well as Onsite Recruitment Services in New Zealand as well as countries across the world.

They have a dedicated workforce, working round the clock to bring customer satisfaction at all levels. Some key features of the Team Plus Staffing Solution are given following:

  • Meticulous screening of applicants
  • A quick exchange of resumes of potential candidates
  • Exact-match candidates
  • Reliable, trustworthy, experienced, and skilled professionals
  • Best Recruitment Services

Frog Recruitment:

Best IT Staffing Companies in New Zealand


Since its interception in the year 2002, Frog recruitment is dedicated to serving all its clients, to help them hire skilled manpower. The frog requirement recognizes the new employment reality and screens candidates keeping in mind the employers requiring innovative responses to drive down recruitment costs, a scarcity of talent, and the need for technically sound and forthright candidates. The recruitment company has all the qualities to be the best staffing agency for your company.

Alpha Recruitment:

Best IT Staffing Companies in New Zealand

With the experience of over 30 years, Alpha recruitment has forged strong relationships with its clients, employees, and candidates. They have a reputation as a caring organization, catering to all the needs of its clients. The recruitment agency has a talented workforce, working day and night to filter out the best candidates. Alpha has a large clientele base and a vast database of candidates.

NZ Staff:

Best IT Staffing Companies in New Zealand

The NZ Staff has a unique approach to doing business and dealing with candidates. The difference can be felt in their knowledge and expertise in key specialist areas, responsiveness, and ability to deliver on time and within budget.  They have a way with the people and make a business out of people. Their different strategy has earned them a reputable position in the market of staffing agencies.

Career Zone Consulting:

Best IT Staffing Companies in New Zealand

Career Zone Consulting specializes in producing and formulating outstanding CVs, and impressive Cover Letters and provides Interview Coaching, Outplacement, and Career Planning services. With vast personnel industry experience, they know exactly what employers are looking for when they recruit new staff. Career Zone Consulting will give your application a winning edge. They can be an ideal choice for your company.

Stellar Recruitment:

Best IT Staffing Companies in New Zealand

Stellar is a recruitment and workforce solutions agency passionate about inspiring growth in their client’s businesses through a relentless commitment to achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction. Their consultants are driven by the desire to provide job seekers with unique, life-changing career opportunities. A few industries where they work are mining, energy, oil and gas, construction and engineering, property and architecture, and supply chain.


Best IT Staffing Companies in New Zealand

As New Zealand’s largest recruitment agency, Madison has been connecting Kiwis since 1998. With expertise in permanent recruitment, temporary staffing, and contractor resourcing, Madison staffing agency delivers a solution to meet your needs. They know the business and get a real kick out of getting to know businesses in New Zealand. The dominating industries of Madison are accounting and finance, business support, human resources, marketing, sales, industrial, government and policy, property, and construction.

One Staff:

Best IT Staffing Companies in New Zealand

One Staff has grown to become a leading provider of industry staffing solutions for New Zealand’s industrial and commercial sectors. Their recruitment specialists work from branches all over the country and bring a unique highly trained, set of skills, knowledge, and experience to both sides of the working relationship: client and candidate. Over the years, they have made a name for themselves in the country.


Hopefully, this list will help you pick a suitable staffing agency for your company. As an expert in IT staffing solutions, the team of Team Plus Staffing Solutions is dedicated to bringing you exactly what you need in your candidates. Making our company one of the Best IT Staffing Companies in New Zealand. If you wish to associate with the team plus then contact with the information given below:

Name: Team Plus Staffing Solutions

Phone Number: +91 80 8760 6363


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