RPO Services

TeamPlus Staffing Solution Pvt. Ltd. provides Recruitment Process Outsourcing services (RPO) across all sectors in India. We are India’s fastest growing RPO service provider, having handled the enrollment processes of major IT and non-IT companies in most of the cities of India and across the world.

We excel in assisting global organizations by offering appropriate candidates to grow their companies with their help and achieve targets through our RPO services. Such talent acquisition is our forte and we endeavor to bring the best of the candidate to the notice of the recruiter. These employees are bound to create niches for themselves in the near future and thus do their companies proud.

Our RPO services boast of being top quality and we pride ourselves in giving on-board of corporate companies, the best fit-candidates from our talent pool. We work relentlessly to include professionals in your team, who will add that extra value to increase returns on investment in a big way. We take care of all procedures involving complete RPOs, part or hybrid RPOs in the most competent manner, depending upon the requirements of our clients.

If any corporate company needs RPO services for a specific project with a deadline, TeamPlus RPO services provides the most suitable candidates for the same, who will commence and conclude the project work within the stipulated time frame. Also, TeamPlus assists companies through its RPO services whenever additional staff needs to be employed at times when project workload increases. Similarly, when there is no longer any necessity for them, TeamPlus withdraws the staff from that company and organizes their recruitments elsewhere. Thus, TeamPlus helps reduce costs for their client companies, which makes us the most preferred RPO service provider in India.

The hiring process of TeamPlus for RPO services by corporate companies is very fast and reliable and is a leading pathway to the most lucrative business relationship between us, because, they place their complete faith on us for their RPO services and in turn, we effectively match their staffing requirements.

Many establishments face scenarios wherein they urgently require additional team members in different locations and their internal recruitment resources fall short of the required experience and talent. We, at TeamPlus, immediately rise to the occasion and deploy suitable candidates at your desired sites.

TeamPlus Staffing Solution Pvt. Ltd. is very proficient in its RPO services to companies in India and the world. It not only effectively handles the recruitment processes, but also aims to retain the deployed team members within the company.

Many a time, small firms and companies are pretty much unaware of the right methodology involved in the hiring processes and solely due to this ignorance such establishments are not able to achieve their targets with ease. TeamPlus readily helps such companies through its RPO services and aids them in filling the gaps of their employment towards the formation of an able, efficient and knowledgeable team. TeamPlus thus facilitates laying a firm foundation for working towards a strategic growth of the businesses of such companies in a comfortable manner.

So for all your RPO Service requirements, do contact TeamPlus Staffing Solution Pvt. Ltd., and you will certainly reap the full benefits of our association!

Benefits of RPO to Companies: –

  • TeamPlus RPO team takes stock of existing recruitment procedures in companies and explores possibilities of improved modules
  • TeamPlus RPO team co-ordinates with its client company and sets up a lucrative hiring method
  • RPO team selects best-fit candidates in the shortest possible time for jobs under consideration
  • Keeps track of performances of these employees and advises on an improvement of the same so that companies get their maximum return on investments and assist in the company’s brand development