Permanant Staffing / Executive Placement

TeamPlus, is a full-service human resource consulting firm which has been operating throughout India, & our emphasis is on providing cost-effective, specialized assistance in locating qualified, skilled personnel in a wide range of occupational areas, including:

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Management
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Information Technology
  • Administration
  • Engineering & Technology

Permanent Staffing Services

It is a matter of great concern today that many establishments are finding it increasingly difficult to find the right candidate for a specific project or task. As a result, their HR departments are compelled to manage with the candidates that are somewhat suitable and available. But in the long run, this kind of adjustment plays havoc with the team performance and projects suffer as a consequence. Deadlines are not met and the work done may be shoddy and incomplete. By the time they fire such employees after realizing that it was an unwise decision to recruit them, it is too late. They have to stare at heavy losses and further orders are affected.

So what should have been the correct move in the first place?

These companies should have approached good agencies that provide permanent staffing solutions. TeamPlus Staffing Solution Pvt. Ltd. is one such fastest-growing provider of Permanent Staffing Services. It caters to reputed IT and non-IT companies, establishments and firms all over India.

TeamPlus assists you in selecting the most suitable candidates in any field on a permanent basis. With a dedicated belief of total commitment to the companies for whom TeamPlus provides permanent staffing services, it delivers value for money by careful screening of individual profiles. Our database for permanent staffing services includes serious candidates that possess the requisite experience and exposure to do complete justice to the nature of duties assigned. Hence if you need permanent staff for your company, rest assured, Team Plus will fulfill your HR needs and you can enjoy a relaxed and stress-free staffing procedure.

It is with a great sense of achievement that we stress upon our enormous potential in providing unparalleled permanent staffing services to prestigious companies in India. TeamPlus has a huge list of exceptional candidates possessing the highest requisite qualifications for you to choose from. Of course, we do pick the creamiest of the lot to match your HR requirements!

TeamPlus has an expert team that devotes itself solely to the selection of perfect candidates to match the job descriptions for various positions in corporate companies. Our recruitment process is a smoothly flowing one, commencing right from comprehending our client company’s staffing requirements, screening of exact-match candidates for the job, scheduling their interviews with the HR departments of recruiter companies and concluding with the joy of seeing yet another aspirant being given the appointment letter. We even keep a check on the performances of the candidates absorbed by the companies by asking for feedback from the recruiters and ensuring that our role was beneficial to the companies.

Thus, TeamPlus ensures that the candidates provided through its Permanent Staffing Services are indeed the best so as to help the client companies grow and develop to their full potential. Therefore, it provides quality service in the permanent recruitment sector. We handle the permanent staffing procedure so effectively that the client companies are able to focus better on their main objective of growing their businesses.

To sum it all up, there is only one name for Best Permanent Staffing Services Solutions in India and that is Team Plus!

So contact us today itself and you will never regret your decision to do so, ever…

Benefits of Permanent Staffing Services to Companies: –

  • TeamPlus Permanent Staffing team possesses excellent  technical hiring skills and can easily identify potential candidates who will benefit the companies for various available positions
  • TeamPlus handles the entire employment process including resume- screening, interview-conduction, background/ reference verification, etc., hence saves the company its time and reduces cost
  • TeamPlus also helps to make the  on-boarding procedure run smoothly for companies, by providing the selected candidate’s entire documentation file
  • Follow-up of performance feedback of employees is given due importance
  • As candidates are qualified and reliable, there is a higher probability of retention of such employees within the company and this is beneficial in the long run