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A highly motivated and skilled team toiling day and night is the secret sauce to success for any business or corporation. The IT sector in India is not only blooming but is also home to several CEOs of multinational tech corporations. Opting for Tech Talent Outsourcing has gained popularity for its efficiency in bridging the gap between employers and candidates. Talent acquisition is the only way to hire candidates who consistently deliver superior performance, demonstrate high potential for future growth, and strongly align with the organization’s culture and values. Further, outsourcing these hiring requirements to a reliable IT Talent Acquisition Company fast-tracks the hiring process and onboarding of the candidates. 

Tech Talent Outsourcing can be a strategic move for IT companies in India to gain a competitive advantage and improve employee retention. Team Plus Staffing Solutions is a virtuoso of IT talent acquisition in India and worldwide. The IT talent acquisition company caters to the highly specific recruitment requirements of the IT and non-IT sectors. The staffing experts at TeamPlus India are prolific in end-to-end outsourcing, client-managed outsourcing, and technologies useful in the hiring process. Partnering with TeamPlus is a strategic move for all the businesses and IT companies willing to boost customer satisfaction, product and service quality, and overall productivity. 

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Why Tech Talent Outsourcing is Your Winning Move? 

Building a business from scratch can be overwhelming especially, for new businesses. The pressure of hiring valuable candidates can drain the resources and time required for core business activities. Therefore, outsourcing the hiring requirements has become preferable in the current employment scenario. In the dynamic tech job market, partnering with an IT talent recruitment company is highly beneficial for budding tech startups and mid-sized IT companies. Even the big corporates are willing to outsource the tech hiring for more enhanced outcomes. 

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is an ideal choice for businesses to build a team of highly skilled and talented candidates. Let’s explore a few key reasons for choosing Tech Talent Outsourcing and how it streamlines the recruitment process for businesses. 

Cost-Effective: Outsourcing the recruitment process is an effective strategy to cut down on hiring costs without compromising the quality of work. Newly started startups and medium-sized businesses benefit the most from this strategy and help avail tech services at a much-reduced cost. 

Diverse Talent Pool: The IT industry is driven by the skillset and technical expertise of the candidates. Tech Talent Outsourcing is a great way to access the talent pool of candidates, with skills suitable for diverse IT job roles. 

Enhanced Scalability and Flexibility: Tech startups and IT companies mostly are unable to afford the extensive IT team on a monthly payroll. Therefore, outsourcing hiring gives you the flexibility to work with the experts based on collaboration tenure. 

Specific Staffing Job Roles:  The IT industry is highly dynamic and encompasses diverse job roles. Outsourcing tech hiring allows you to hire candidates for specific job roles without having to worry about the employee’s long-term career. 

Save Time: Working with an IT talent acquisition company ensures quick onboarding of desired candidates. This allows IT companies to avoid missing project deadlines in the competitive IT scenario.  

Quick Onboarding: Hiring an employee is a time-consuming process comprising extensive paperwork, internal hires, HR procedures, performance reviews, and even healthcare benefits. By Tech Talent Outsourcing you can easily avoid these formalities and focus on the work execution. 

Break Down of Tech Recruitment Process Outsourcing at TeamPlus India 

Tech Talent Outsourcing

The Tech Talent Outsourcing process used by talent acquisition companies can differ and may not be suitable for all businesses. TeamPlus utilizes an elaborate tech recruitment process to ensure the skillset and values of a candidate match the employer’s requirements. The candidate is made to go through several rounds of interviews and screening processes to test their aptitude and qualifications for the specific job roles. Take a look at the different stages of the tech recruitment process outsourcing at TeamPlus India. 



Strategy and Planning Working closely with the client to analyze their, hiring needs, and objectives. 

 Creating a suitable recruitment strategy to hire the most qualified and talented candidates. 

Candidate Sourcing Using the RPO’s extensive talent networks and advanced recruiting technology resources to actively search, engage, and assess potential candidates through various channels like advertising, employee referrals, and social media outreach.
Screening and Interviewing Conducting a thorough applicant screening, managing interview logistics, and assessing candidates’ qualifications, including technical evaluations and assessments.
Selection Presenting top-tier candidates to the client hiring team for final interviews and decision-making. Coordinating offer negotiations and ensuring a seamless transition for selected candidates.
Onboarding The close monitoring of the onboarding process, including background checks, paperwork, and pre-employment tasks, facilitates a smooth integration of new hires into the client’s organization.

Explore Diverse RPO Pricing Models

Tech Talent Outsourcing allows companies to enjoy full-service talent acquisition capabilities for their company. There are several pricing models used in the tech recruitment outsourcing process as per the client’s business requirements. These pricing models give flexibility to the RPO service providers and also help maintain transparency. The pricing is designed to meet the diverse hiring requirements of clients. The per-hire fees typically range from 15-30% of the hired candidate’s first-year compensation. The wide range of pricing models used by the talent acquisition companies are briefed below: 

Fee per hire: In this pricing model, the company pays a fixed price for each candidate the RPO hires. The fee usually varies as per the type of position, industry, and number of successful hires. This model is used for short-term tech outsourcing partnerships. 

Dedicated model: The client pays a fixed monthly fee for a dedicated team of RPO recruiters. This pricing model works best for employers seeking recruitment solutions for a specific time period.  

Project-based: The company produces a fixed project fee for RPO to recruit for specific roles in a set timeframe. This pricing model allows the tech recruiters to focus on quality and help hire high-quality candidates for each project. 

Partner With TeamPlus Staffing for the Best Tech Talent Outsourcing Services 

TeamPlus Staffing Solutions has been working in the staffing industry for over 10 years now and has achieved excellence in catering to the specific demands of recruiters. The staffing company offers a myriad of staffing services including Contract Staffing Services, Permanent Staffing Services, Remote/ Virtual IT Staffing Services, Offshore Staffing Services, and RPO Services in India and several regions across the world. The IT talent acquisition company is highly preferable in India to help IT companies, startup owners, and businesses to hire talented and skilled candidates. 

TeamPlus offers highly flexible and customizable Tech Talent Outsourcing that fits your budget and sources the right candidates for your team. Using the extended industry network the IT recruitment company is fully capable of meeting your specific business requirements. Their staffing experts provide consultation on the most cost-efficient setup for short or long-term projects and even manage the team. 

Perks of Choosing TeamPlus for Tech Talent Outsourcing: 

  • Advanced applicant sourcing systems and efficient sourcing tech
  • Scalable hiring model to meet the demands
  • Diverse pricing models 
  • A partnership approach focused on client success
  • Proven experience and success recruiting for tech roles
  • Technical recruiting expertise of over 10 years 
  • A robust talent network within the tech community

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