Top 10 IT Staffing Agencies in Canada

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Top 10 IT Staffing Agencies in Canada

Many organizations might benefit from an extra pair of hands when it comes to increasing productivity and workforce planning in order to embark on bigger projects or finish those that are already underway. However, a lot of companies have trouble locating someone with the necessary experience. This is where IT staffing agencies can be helpful. An offshore recruitment agency can provide temporary personnel for a variety of requirements at reasonable pricing rather than hiring a dedicated staff of in-house technical recruiters. IT recruiting companies collaborate closely with hiring managers to make sure that the level of expertise and experience of candidates fits the needs of the employer. And to help you out with your search, we have compiled a list of the Top 10 IT Staffing Agencies in Canada, so read on.

List of the Top 10 IT Staffing Agencies in Canada

Over the past few years, one of the main issues facing by business executives has been finding the proper recruiting partner because attracting people to their firms has remained one of the most difficult tasks. A recruitment agency is a company that aids businesses with their staffing or recruiting requirements. It assists in locating applicants to fill open positions for temporary, full-time, and part-time work in a variety of career disciplines. With the aid of IT staffing agencies, companies can enhance employee productivity and cut costs, saving crucial time throughout the hiring process. These recruiting firms benefit both businesses and employees. A substantial part of Canada’s economy is played by the staffing sector. Hence, we have listed below the list of the top 10 IT Staffing Agencies in Canada.

TeamPlus Staffing Solution Pvt Ltd.TeamPlus Staffing Solution Pvt Ltd.

TeamPlus Staffing Solution tops our list of Top 10 IT Staffing Agencies in Canada. The company is one of the fastest-expanding IT staffing agencies in India. It serves its corporate clients by supplying them with qualified labor to meet their varied hiring needs. TeamPlus is renowned for its expertise in human resource solutions and makes every effort to provide a wide range of staffing assistance like Contract Staffing Services, Permanent Staffing Services, Remote/ Virtual IT Staffing Services, Offshore Staffing Services, RPO Services, and Onsite Recruitment Services in India and other nations. This remote recruitment agency provides its corporate businesses with a wide range of staffing solutions for their IT and non-IT recruitments in India. And its special industry-focused services are extremely beneficial to companies in the USA, UK, UAE, and Australia as well.

To bring the top applicants into the corporate world’s selection process, TeamPlus has a committed team that works tirelessly around the clock. Since the company is tailored to your desired applicant credentials and allocated budget, its employment solutions are unmatched in Canada. As a result, the selection process is straightforward and relatively simple for the selectors, saving them both valuable time and money.


In 1975, Alberta saw the founding of Aplin, a private, family-run, and employee-owned Canadian firm. The organization has proudly met talent demands and promoted careers for over 45 years as an award-winning staffing and recruiting agency that stands out for exceptional results. The search services offered by Aplin include IT Recruitment, Managed Services, Permanent/Direct Hire Search, and Temporary & Contract Staffing. Its goal is to add value in every situation, whether it’s interacting with customers, prospects, coworkers, or even local communities making it one of the top IT staffing companies in Canada.

Staffmax Staffing & RecruitingStaffmax Staffing & Recruiting

The next recruitment company on the list of our Top 10 IT Staffing Agencies in Canada is Staffmax Staffing & Recruiting. This offshore recruitment agency specializes in providing a range of recruitment services to job seekers across a range of fields. The organization provides executive search services, payrolling/professional employer services, temporary & contract staffing services, permanent recruiting services, and HR concierge services.


AirswiftAs a full-service employment agency, Airswift helps companies manage complicated projects and local and international workers by offering recruitment/staffing, consulting, global mobility, and HR solutions. Along with staffing, this remote recruitment agency assists its clients in keeping abreast of labor market developments and offers to consult to help them create an HR strategy. The companies greatest strength is finding and identifying talent. And doing so has enabled it to forge alliances with prestigious STEM businesses. Their group of Canadian recruiters collaborates closely with hiring managers to screen potential applicants and make sure they are the right fit for your project.

Canadian Staffing Consultants Ltd.

Canadian Staffing Consultants Ltd.

Another IT Staffing Agency in Canada is Canadian Staffing Consultants. Their headquarters are in Toronto, Canada. They take advantage of a variety of hiring services, such as staffing solutions, flexible staffing, payroll services, financial counseling, and financial planning. If you are a highly trained foreign national looking for employment in a small or large Canadian organization, you can get in touch with Canadian Staffing Consultants. Additionally, Canadian Staffing Consultants assist Canadian firms in locating and hiring highly qualified, experienced, and competent foreign individuals.

Venus Consultancy

Venus ConsultancyThe fastest-growing industry in the world, the IT sector offers a variety of business opportunities, real earnings, and a diversity of jobs and positions. Venus Consultancy is aware of market developments and stays current with the constantly shifting requirements in this field of hiring. As one of the Top 10 IT Staffing agencies in Canada, the company has a talent pool for every profession, whether it be program developer, IT project manager, or software engineer. Its staff of recruiters is experts at placing IT applicants in IT jobs across Canada. The organization’s technical recruiting team can assist your company by filling positions for system administrators, developers, engineers, technical support, DevOps, software testers, UI/UX designers, Network engineers, Web analysts, and more.

WorkVantage International Workforce Solution Inc.

Work-VantageWorkVantage is a legitimate Canadian staffing company. They are some of Canada’s top firms for finding international employees. Additionally, the recruitment agency has more than 14 years of expertise in hiring candidates for Canadian companies. Additionally, WorkVantage helps firms in every province and territory of Canada hire workers from other nations. Along with this, WorkVantage is an expert in connecting Canadian employers with competent foreign workers. They also help organize the LMIA documentation for Canadian employers.

Strive Recruitment

Strive RecruitmentSTRIVE Recruitment is one of the tops professionally run staffing agencies in Canada. STRIVE is based in Vancouver and works with clients and candidates all around the US and Canada. Since 2008, STRIVE has hired candidates for even the most specialist positions in a range of public and private sectors. In North America, STRIVE has collaborated with enterprises ranging from small startups to Fortune 500 companies for more than ten years. This staffing company uses a special technique known as the “Strive Search System” to find and hire top-tier candidates for positions that are frequently referred to as “hard to fill.”


Adecco IndiaThe next IT staffing company on our list of Top 10 IT Staffing agencies in Canada is Adecco. Adecco offers plenty of choice in terms of industry, region, and employment type, whether you’re a job seeker eager to network with big-box brands and elite organizations or a business owner searching for excellent IT expertise. Since its founding more than 50 years ago, Adecco has pushed for scalable solutions. This remote recruitment agency draws varied talent through partnership initiatives, focusing on elderly workers, disabled workers, veterans, and youngsters, in addition to brand recognition.

Golbeck Recruiting Inc

Golbeck Recruiting IncThe top international recruitment firms in Canada that assist job seekers and Canadian companies are all included in Goldbeck Recruiting. Incorporated in 1997, Goldbeck is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia. Additional services offered by Goldbeck Recruiting include background checks, contingency recruitment, executive recruitment, executive search, human resources consulting, job placements, permanent placements, recruitment campaigns, workforce planning, etc. for Canadian companies and job seekers making it one of the top IT staffing companies in Canada.


Therefore, these are the Top 10 IT Staffing Agencies in Canada. These organizations provide a range of services to help businesses locate the greatest personnel for their needs, and are anticipated to develop even more in the upcoming years. IT staffing companies are a significant component of the corporate landscape and will keep being crucial to the success of enterprises.

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