Top IT Recruitment Agencies in Dubai UAE

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Top IT Recruitment Agencies in Dubai UAE –The current era is about hiring the required, net companies that are pleasing in offering the best service to their clients and becoming the best option for young adults to transform their career approach. This deal is a lifetime opportunity for all those who are willing to benefit the world with their appealing hard work and dedication. Team Plus Staffing Solution is providing the best and most suitable jobs as it has collaborated with leading companies. Its client base of it is very strong and the prominent freshers and best-experienced professionals are all linked with it in the royal country of Dubai.

The preference for IT Staffing Agencies has increased to an extent for trust and verified policies. The densified ways of it while working with the people are prominently the best ones and hence moreover, in this competitive clock, there is a list of Top IT Recruitment Agencies in Dubai UAE that are to an extent the elite ones. If you are feeling the need to search for the best employees and wish to have your desired jobs in your respective fields, then people this blog will surely help you through the ways and ultimately guide you with the pre-eminent benefits of working with a Remote Recruitment agency. 

Top IT Recruitment Agencies in Dubai UAE

Choosing the righteous offshore recruitment agency is impost but a difficult take, this may turn out to be the greatest deal and even it can sometimes lead to the worst scenario. Hence if you choose Team Plus Staffing Solution as your recruiter, we assure to provide you with the desirable client service policy, not just this, but we are also leading in the list of Top IT Recruitment Agencies in Dubai UAE that make use of the shining jewel in the crown. To known more about our work policy, you can contact us at +91 80 8760 6363 or surely drop the email for the records at

List of Leading IT Recruitment Agencies in Dubai UAE

Here we provide you with the choicest solution of all the known and rated A-grade Top IT Recruitment Agencies in Dubai UAE. These are all suitable in their own ways as these offer unique services which they deal with their clients and professional officials. Yes, these costs are a bit while you attempt to opt the assistance but provide the suitable assurance that generously helps in clearing the stressful aura of your company. Below are the mentioned IT Staffing Companies, kindly have a generous look at these and choose wisely from the cream.  

Team Plus Staffing Solution-( IT Staffing company in Dubai)

Team Plus Staffing Solutions

Team Plus Staffing Solution is one such company that is helping many of the leading organizations to lead the world of the technology sector with the provision of the most suitable and prominent working unit. It has a client base of 350+ national and Internation clients to whom this is serving for the past decade now, it consists of a staff that is experts in the recruitment sector, and moreover, these take care of all the processes of hiring that include, from interviewing to verification, each and every aspect it is taken care off on the priority basis. 

Types of staff it deals with being the prominent remote recruitment agency-

  • Full-time working staff.
  • Contractual-based staff.
  • Part-timers.
  • Fresher employees with low salary expectations.
  • Freelancers units 
  • Higher authoritative officials.

Ultimate HR Solutions

Ultimate HR Solutions Ultimate HR Solutions is one of the known Top IT Recruitment Agencies in Dubai UAE with a growth rate of 100%. Being established in the year 2001, the company is one of the oldest among all and thereby has made its brand value in the market. It believes in following all the legal terms and moreover holds the license under ISO 9001: 2015. The service it offers to all its customers includes Temporary Staffing, IT Contract Staffing, Employee Outsourcing, and much more. As it is on a daily basis that deals with more than 300+ clients, you can contact them to know more about the same. 


JAMS JAMS is again a Remote Recruitment Agency that is the primary choice of Dubai’s White-Colar Companies. It offers outsourcing services under which it assures the pepper implementation of policies. This is known to stand on its promising terms and fulfilling the needs of the HR portal of its clients. All one requires to inform clearly about the details of their respective open positions and the rest is the job done but its officials. Hence choosing this one will benefit you in serval ways. There are many employees who are seeking help for the best jobs, hence one can surely count on the company. 



WeSource is among the Top IT Recruitment Agencies in Dubai UAE that is a one-stop solution if you are looking for the best and most suitable offshore recruitment agency. It helps in the provision of teh ultimate working staff that thereby believes in working with their professional staff and helps in motivating its colleagues too. One is to put their trustful investment in the company in order to have the suitable and desirable employees they require to make their work grow significantly. It offers its services in all the superior developed and under-developed regions of Dubai. 




AIQU is the IT Staffing Company that believes in digitalization and thereby offers the leading service in order to stick to its position of being in the Top IT Recruitment Agencies in Dubai UAE. this deals in the provision of dedicated employees who are experts in cyber security cells and more. You can get the utmost benefits from the company as it also provides software engineers their service might cost you a little but this is what makes it the more elite one among the thousands of others. 

Remote Recruitment Solutions

Remote Team Solutions

Our It Staffing Company deals in the provision of the best manpower that is acquired to work with splendid positive energy and focuses on the development of the organization too. Being on the list of Top IT Recruitment Agencies in Dubai UAE, it is our prime responsibility to provide all types of service and we deal in the recruitment of staff related to the informative sector, management area and moreover our company’s officials work on making new strategies for the upliftment of the criteria that consist of the generation of the new project and improvisation of the old ones. 

EFS Staffing Solutions

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EFS Staffing Solutions if part of the parent group called EFS Facilities Services and is in the remarkable industry of an Offshore recruitment agency for a commendable 20 years. it has spread its wings across 21 countries and stood in the position by proving the outrageous and trusted service to its client. With the most strength and knowledge, the 0officials of the company work hard to provide the best employees to0 all the business associates deal with. The company aims in delivering the cream of talents to all its clients under which it offers the contractual-based working class, freelancing category, and permanent staffing employees too.

People Source Placement Services

People Source Placement Logo


The IT Staffing Company is situated in Bay Square, United Arab Emirates, and is working in the field of business science for many years. The organization is working towards a better future for the employees and the MNC too. It is so as it believes in offering a strengthening source of work. As we are the recognized staffing company by MHRE, hence it is our responsibility to help the clients with the best deals. we believe in providing customized services that include sustainable packages with promising labor.


We hope the above-listed companies for Top IT Recruitment Agencies in Dubai UAE will help you choose among the best ones. As the experts of Team Plus Staffing Solutions, we offer the, most convenient services and fulfill the criteria of demands which is why we are the best IT Staffing Agency od Dubai, hence to avail of our affordable low-cost service, connect with us at the detail mentioned below. Our professional will assist you in the most possible way.

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